Introducing AssurClam

Assurpack introduces AssurClam – The First Child Resistant Recloseable Plastic Clamshell. This clamshell is available in a variety of sizes and shapes. It is a perfect packaging solution for edibles, kits and devices. Our AssurClam is CPSC certified and made from food grade recycled plastic which can also be recycled. This item is Made in the USA.

Client Testimonial

In the industry, we strive to find packaging partners who blend outside expertise with the flexibility and innovative spirit that is required to make child-resistant packaging work for infused products. Nancy Warner is just that.

When I first met Nancy three years ago she was the only person finding ways to make F1 Blister Packs available to cannabis businesses. Her solution oriented mindset help us blister pack a product on site without enormous investment – while still achieving an incredible custom look and feel. From there, she has continued to help us find innovative packaging structures and improve our manufacturing process.  We rely on Nancy to help us stay up on new ideas and new ways to use them – all while ensuring that they comply with the highest standards in the CR space. We are very grateful that experts like Nancy have come to the cannabis space. They help us all do better.


Lindsay Topping, Director of Marketing

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Assurpack Compliant Child Resistant Packaging for Medical and Recreational Products

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